Let’s make Tennessee healthy again.

The most basic shared values that we have as a community are those of life and well-being: that is why we have a responsibility to expand Medicaid immediately. My campaign is about putting politics aside and doing what is right for Tennesseans. Right now, we are losing $3.8 million every day. That money could have been used to keep us healthy and create thousands of jobs. More than 300,000 children, working parents, and seniors are missing out on help that we’ve already paid for. And ten of our state’s hospitals have closed and dozens more are in danger, leaving families without primary care and tens of miles from emergency medical assistance. This goes against everything that we believe as a community. As your representative, I promise not to throw your hard-earned money away in pointless political fights. I will do everything in my power to keep your hospitals open and give you access to quality, affordable healthcare, starting with a long-overdue Medicaid expansion.

Let’s make learning accessible.

Investing in our children should not be a controversial issue. Right now, our students are over-tested and our teachers are under-paid: we need to fix that. We can start by fully funding public education. I believe that all children should have access to the same basic resources so that everyone has a fair chance at a successful future. Creating a productive and rewarding environment for our teachers will be vital to that goal. That will mean showing our appreciation and giving them the pay that we all know they deserve. It will also mean holding them to fair and consistent standards of accountability so that they can drop the paperwork and get back to what they do best: teaching. Finally, we can save money and make learning more accessible by minimizing testing and holding testers accountable. I brought my children to Rutherford County’s schools because they were the best in the state: let’s make sure they stay that way.

Let’s make our infrastructure work for you.

The issue on infrastructure is simple: you can’t make money if you can’t get to work. That’s why making our roads work for you is one of my top priorities. We can start with I-24. It’s going to take years of work and cooperation with officials at all levels across Middle Tennessee, but that’s what we’re here for. And the problem isn’t going anywhere: we’re adding thousands of new neighbors every year. If we want Middle Tennessee to continue to prosper we’re going to need to make some room. That’s also why it is imperative that we work with local entrepreneurs and innovators to get drivers off the roads and into new modes of transportation. Crossing our arms isn’t going to help. That’s why I promise to find a solution that works for Tennessee.