We can create the opportunities that you deserve

I am a mother, a wife, a community organizer, an advocate, and an activist. I was a teacher, a restaurant manager, and a real estate agent. I know how to bring people together and get things done. I believe that makes me the person Rutherford County needs as representative.

I grew up in Nashville, went to Hillsboro High School, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University. As a working mother, I struggled to provide for my children, but was fortunate to have the support of an incredible community. Through those experiences, I taught my children our communal values of hard work, decency, accountability, and compassion. These are the same values that you should expect from your state representatives.

In 2017, I was part of the organizing team that brought together more than 15,000 men and women for the Women’s March on our state capitol. I was also a promoter and an attendee of the We Are Watching events, which brought hundreds of concerned local citizens to the state legislature to advocate for common sense and decency in our state’s lawmaking. Inside the legislature, I spent months as a citizen's advocate working with lawmakers and fighting for these same principles.

Here in Murfreesboro, I have developed a network of some of the most talented, dedicated, and compassionate people that our county has to offer. Together, we have spent hours at the Coldest Nights Shelter serving Murfreesboro’s most vulnerable citizens, and taught English to newly arrived refugees, helping them to acclimate and find opportunity.

These experiences taught me something valuable: life’s battles won’t fight themselves. I have fought hard for my family and for my community and I will do the same for Rutherford County. It’s time to stand up taller and speak up louder with one voice. I am dedicated to you and to creating the community and the opportunities that you deserve. My name is Jennifer Vannoy and I want to fight for you.